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Topolino Farm in Altoona PA

Welcome to Topolino Farm!

Thanks for checking out our little goat farm. We aim to educate those who are interested and share the goodies our goat milk brings us with the community. We are also an ADGA registered performance herd! We try to get to as many shows as we can and participate in ADGAs Improvement Programs most years. We are SUPER excited about 2023s kids!ย ย 



> Baby Goat Snuggles underway! So far they have been an awesome success with everyone having a great time and learning new things!ย 

Coming up...ย 

> Re-fencing the interior of the barn to allow easier and cleaner hay feeding
> Tearing apart and refitting the milking area for more space and storage
> Gates - gates everywhere!ย 
> Spring barn dig out - we've done this over winter as well so it isn't too bad ;)
> Fencing in more field space for the bucks and does!ย 
> Building raised beds for the future of gardening

4MFVT Rolling Thunder - Owned by Katheryn Kiliniski 6/19/2021
4MFVT Rolling Thunder - Owned by Katheryn Kiliniski 6/19/2021

Show Results

We've decided to post a running Google Sheet of show results for the curious. We're very data oriented here so having a visual to compare each year might be super helpful in seeing how the different doe lines develop in the show world. We will just continue adding pages to this sheet as the years progress and see where it goes!ย 

You can check that out in a new window here...
Topolino Farm Show Results

You can also check out a collection of random, sometimes goofy pictures from our shows! These shows wouldn't even be half as fun without the super awesome people we get to hang out with and learn from!ย 
Show Times!

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Please only contact us using accounts marked with a ๐Ÿ! All others are simply holding our farm name. Thanks!


Topolino Farm