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We started with three unregistered goats. They began our journey into a more serious and registered herd. Vera, our Mini Saanen, was born in May 2016 and was the first doe to have kids and be milked at the farm. She learned to be milked while we learned to milk - let me just say, this is not recommended at all! It was terribly frustrating for both human and goat. Thankfully, it all worked out very well and Vera is now consistently the easiest doe to milk by hand or machine!
Vera gave us Severide in her first kidding, our mostly Saanen buck. He is an absolute goof ball and a love bug. Even though he is mixed, he throws very Saanen kids who are quite thick in body.

Severide, Saanen buck
Our Vision

Our main goal for the dairy herd is to create the ideal dairy goat. As it is in many herds. We hope to create a doe worth taking to the ADGA National Show with some chance of placing in the top 20-30.

Our focus while on that journey is to make and sell goat milk soaps and caramels at markets. We're also working on proving the herd through the DHIA and LA programs. 

Our registered herd of Alpines came to us from a breeder in northern Vermont at Four Meadows Farm. Needing to devote his time to other very important parts of life, he offered his entire herd to us. 

The herd consisted of eleven does and four bucks with some wonderful genetics. We started participating in ADGA's Performance Programs in 2020. We do skip a few years here and there to save money, but try to get everyone on test for at least one lactation. 

We moved to Pennsylvania... 

In September of 2021 we picked up everything and moved south to Altoona Pennsylvania. We often get asked, Why? Eric's work in the fly fishing industry means that he needs to fish to test out fly patterns and build durability among many other things. Altoona is not very far at all from world class fishing around Spruce Creek. If you're like me and don't know much about it I'll leave you with this - Spruce Creek Rod and Gun Club has been visited many times by President Carter. THAT'S how good the fishing is around here.

Latest News....
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