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Topolino Alpine Dairy Goats

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Topolino Farm invites you to enjoy farm life from afar or to reaffirm that you’re not the only one leaving the water running or the gate open!

We aim to educate those of you who don’t farm and share the daily grind with those of you who do farm! Drop a comment, like and share! Learning and sharing respectfully is how we all learn and improve every day. 

Severide - Summer 2019
Severide - Summer 2019

About Us

We are a small herd of registered Alpines, a Mini Saanan doe, and an unregistered Saanan buck. 

Our three unregistered goats are the Originals. They began our journey into a more serious and registered herd. Vera, our Mini Saanan, was born in May 2016 and was the first doe to have kids and be milked at the farm. She learned to be milked while we learned to milk - let me just say, this is not recommended at all! It was terribly frustrating for both human and goat. Thankfully, it all worked out very well and Vera is now consistently the easiest doe to milk by hand or machine!
Vera gave us Severide in her first kidding, our mostly Saanan buck. He is an absolute goof ball and a love bug. Even though he is mixed, he throws very Saanan kids who are quite thick in body. Severide enjoys the summers as a pack goat on hikes. 
Trouble, our Lamancha/Alpine doe is the only horned doe on our farm. (This is not recommended.) She was named at only a day old and the name has fit her perfectly over the years. She isn't mean, just the first to get into trouble and tell you about it. 

Our registered herd of Alpines came to us from a good friend in northern Vermont at Four Meadows Farm. Needing to devote his time to other very important parts of life, he offered his entire herd to us. We hope to continue to improve this herd and definitely enjoy all of them very much. 
The herd consisted of eleven does and four bucks with some wonderful lines. We started participating in ADGA's Performance Programs in 2021 and hope to get everyone the stars and scores they deserve! We are excited to have recorded all the wonderful qualities we know they have and to get insight into anything that needs improvement. 

January 2021 - Christmas tree recycling!
January 2021 - Christmas tree recycling!

American Dairy Goat Association

Member ID: 1583789
Herd Name: Topolino
Tattoo: 2417
Herd ID: 12185001

Performance Tested Herd

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