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Rebates and Discounts Offered on American & French Alpines:
🍀4H Discounts of $50-$75
🍀Multiples discount of $25 per animal available for 4H ONLY
🐐Advanced Registry milk star earned through DHIR: $30
🐐Milk star earned through 1-Day Test: $10
🐐DNA w/casein: $20
🐐First place in ONE class: $10
🐐GCH/RCH at ONE show: $15
🐐Linear Appraisal Score: $15  

*It is the goat owner's responsibility to submit proof for rebates!*

Topolino Divo Absinthe - $500

Coming soon!
Coming soon!

🍀4H Price: $450🍀  
Munchin'Hill Bugatti Divo
4MFVT Sunny Ruby Freya
March 18, 2023
Topolino Farm

I have decided to let Freya's 2023 doeling go this year. We have kept so many of Freya's relatives and are selling Freya... it simply makes NO sense genetically to keep yet another of her daughters. In order to improve the herd, we must move on to the next generation and make room in the barn for their future kids! 

Absinthe is still developing her own personality. She's only 10 weeks old as I write this. She is already LARGE with wide hips, a deep dairy body and long level topline. She's a fantastic doeling and will likely mature to a very large, in charge type of girl. Freya's "E" rump and rear legs are very clearly evident even at this young age. Our Munchin'Hill buck has also passed on the width throughout that we are looking for. This doeling will definitely be an improvement on Freya, who's already pretty darn nice herself! 

Abby qualifies for every rebate/discount offered at the top of this page. We can meet you somewhere until she is too big to fit in the back of our Wrangler which will probably be around 6 months old. 

Topolino Divo Zinfandel - $450


🍀4H Price: $375🍀  
Munchin'Hill Bugatti Divo
4MFVT Apache Rose
March 19 2023
ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Paul, as he is known in the barn, carries some great genetics on his dam's side. Her 2F udder is pretty fantastic thanks to her sire's dam, Kori-Brook WFG Beauty. Paul's sire is out of a fabulous doe at Munchin'Hill and a phenomenal buck, Iron Rod Sideburns. Land O I AM currently owns Sideburns. He is a truly magnificent buck.

Paul is correctly built from head to toe with a pretty darn level topline and a gentle slope to the rump. His doe half-siblings are also extremely level and wide so I am confident that he will pass that on. If you're looking to improve your herd's width, levelness, dairy strength, udder medial, RUH, and teat placement this boy has the potential to do it all. On top of that, Apache and her lineage have always had strong, sturdy feet and legs. Apache scored VGGA83 in her FF year after dam raising - I don't feel like this score accurately represents the doe I have in her 2F year after I pulled her kids to bottle feed right away.

PLEASE just email/message me if you see a picture of your animal and you don't want it here. I linked back to every website and gave breeder names so they can be easily found by others. The pictures below are NOT pictures that I took. 

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