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Rebates Offered on American & French Alpines:
🐐Advanced Registry milk star earned through DHIR: $50
🐐Milk star earned through 1-Day Test: $15
🐐DNA w/casein: $20
🐐First place in ONE class: $10
🐐GCH/RCH at ONE show: $15
🐐Linear Appraisal Score: $15  

*It is the goat owner's responsibility to submit proof for rebates!*

4MFVT Sunny Ruby Freya $600

Freya tending her 2020 doelings with little sister Rosalie looking over her shoulder.
Freya tending her 2020 doelings with little sister Rosalie looking over her shoulder.

Freya is offered to a new herd solely because we will be keeping yet another of her doelings in 2023 and have limited barn space. Freya will leave us with two daughters and a half sister. She will be available as a DOE IN MILK some time in April. Her buyer will need to be ready to milk her daily. 

AA1937645 *DNA*
Casein: F/O1
Spinning Spider Prodigal Son *B
4MFVT Ruby *M
April 5, 2018
ADGA Genetics Pedigree || Linear Appraisal

Freya is a wonderful and very solid doe. She has excellent udder attachment and capacity - consistently milking over six pounds per day. She is the first in the barn and loves loves loves her pets and grain. She is a light of joy in our barn and her kids promise to be the same. Freya's only true fault is that her teats are on the small side and more pointed out than down during her first freshening. We are hopeful that her second freshening helps her develop a stronger medial to pull everything back into place! Freya's strength is definitely in her deep, long and very dairy body. 

Freya's 2F year has indeed shown a tightened up medial! Her teats have come to a decent position and have also lengthened quite a bit! She could now be hand milked and is still putting it in the pail! 

Linear Appraisal Scores...
Year . Age . Score
2022 04-04 VEV+ 87

Freya's most notable scores are Es in Rear Legs AND Rump. She clearly passed these attributes down to her daughter, Apache Rose. 

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