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Animals available for sale will have their bio moved to this page.
As always, a running list of available animals
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  • Beginning mid-January we will have Grade Alpine type kids available.
  • ALL does are exposed to Severide with the exception of Vera, Eagle and Lemonade.
  • There will be NO bucks available.
  • Doelings can be registered Grade Alpine and offered for $200. 
  • Wethers and unregistered doelings are offered for $150. 
  • Wethers will make great pets and packgoats. 
  • Any kids not sold by 24 weeks (by youngest kid) will go to auction for meat. 
Rosalie - July 2021
Rosalie - July 2021

4MFVT Sunny Ruby Rosalie $450

Casein: E/F
Spinning Spider Prodigal Son
4MFVT Ruby 
April 6, 2019
Four Meadows Farm
ADGA Genetics Pedigree
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Rosalie is a near copy in personality of her dam, Ruby. She will hunt you down across the pasture for pets, scratches and treats. She absolutely must be involved in everything going on, especially if it doesn't involve her. Rosalie is available to a herd participating in DHIR only. She is a lovely and large doe who has matured well. She moves elegantly and we expect that to improve further after she kids. She, like others in our herd, is slightly more narrow in front than we desire. Her depth of body throughout and obvious dairy strength do make up for her narrowness quite well. 

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