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Raw Goat Milk

Raw Goat Milk is offered for on farm pick up with an appointment in Newport NH. 

Currently we are available all day every day. Due to Covid-19, you may pick up your milk with no human interaction if that is your preference. PayPal accepted.

We ask that you bring your own jar and let us know 24 hours in advance so we can set some aside for you. 

Quart: $4.00
Half Gallon: $7.00
Gallon: $12.00

Trades! YES we will trade milk for other products and services. We are happy to trade for veggies, fruits, meats, stall cleaning, horse paddock picking, milking when we go on a mini-vacation, chicken coop cleaning, lawn mowing, fence fixing, etc. Let’s talk!

Raw Goat Milk can easily be pasteurized at home through whatever method is comfortable for you. We do NOT offer pasteurized milk and do NOT recommend or advocate for drinking or using raw or pasteurized milk. This is a personal choice made by the consumer based on your own independent research. Anyone purchasing milk from The Farm or anyone affiliated with The Farm agrees to release the Seller of any liabilities regarding the consumption of goat milk in any form.
Please see "Section 184:30-a" if you have legality concerns. Also, please contact us BEFORE going to a state authority. It may be a question of ignorance on my part (or yours!) and easily fixed without the need for hefty fines and investigations. Thank you!

Check out these links/documents if you're concerned! 
Chapter 184 Inspection and Sale of Dairy Products Full Page
NH Inspection and Sale of Dairy Products Applicable Sections
Finnegan Brook Farm Exempt from License Notice

Hoof Trimming


We offer hoof trimming for goats and sheep. We come with all tools necessary to trim hooves and ask only that you have a space to adequately secure the goat. 

We will work on bucks throughout rut! It's a stinky job no one wants, but we are happy to get those boys feeling their best. 

If you require horse hoof care, please look up Audrey Conrad out of Canaan NH. We have worked with her for over a decade and have never been happier!

Driveway Breeding

$75 per Doe

We offer driveway stud service to does with proof in hand of current testing status of entire herd and verifiable via tattoo or other permanent tag. 

Please consider our herd before you try to bring an untested animal to the farm. We try to do the very best for our critters and yours. We ask that you give us the same consideration through Good Biosecurity Practices.