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Hoof Trimming


We offer hoof trimming for goats and sheep. We come with all tools necessary to trim hooves and ask only that you have a space to adequately secure the goat. 

We will work on bucks throughout rut! It's a stinky job no one wants, but we are happy to get those boys feeling their best. 

Blood Drawing

Goats only

$15.00/each and up + travel fee of $.50/mile over 10 miles

Biosecurity* Testing;

  • $15: Your supplies, you mail. 
  • $30: Our supplies, you mail.
  • $45: Our supplies and we mail.

Pregnancy Testing Only;

  • $15: Your supplies, you mail.
  • $30: Our supplies, you mail.
  • $40: Our supplies and we mail.

Biosecurity* w/Preg Tests;

  • $15: Your supplies, you mail.
  • $30: Our supplies, you mail.
  • $60: Our supplies and we mail. 

*Discounts available for 5 and more goats.

Goat Data Junky

Customized Sheets Available - Contact us for a quote

If you're a data junky like me, this is the page for you. All of our data will be compiled here in the name of complete and "udder" transparency. Linear Appraisal scores, DHIR Progress, feed charts, etc. It will all end up here as fast as I can compile it. 

A few of these forms are available for anyone to use/save like the *M requirements by age. That table is ripped directly from ADGA's site and just made easier to read and access. Others like LA Scores and DHIR Tracking can be customized to fit your herd for a price - these take some time to create as blanks and to customize with your goat's names and data. Send an email or FB message if you're interested in a quote. 

Our hourly rate is $30.00 USD (1 hour minimum charge for all projects)
PayPal: +3.19% processing fee unless using Friends & Family
Mailed checks accepted - Project delivered after check successfully deposited/cashed.

Free to use sheets and documents will be marked with a " 🐐 "

If you're feeling generous after snagging a free sheet that still takes a ton of time to create follow this link to donate via PayPal. This works even if you don't have an account with PayPal.