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Disbudding is not something we enjoy doing. It is a necessary part of the dairy goat world and is done for safety. We disbud our own kids so they can't get stuck in fences and strangle themselves, so they don't purposely or accidentally gore another goat, the LGD or humans. We disbud for showing because it is required for the same safety reasons. 

DO NOT, and I really mean DO NOT email, call, text, pm, dm or snail mail me to tell me that I abuse my goats. If you don't want the service - move on with your life. 

Now that that's all out of the way.... 

Disbudding can be done on large/standard breed goats UP TO 5 days old. The only exception is Nubians who seem to have slower horn growth than others. Nigerian Dwarf, Minis and Pygmy kids can usually wait 7-10 days to be disbudded. Potentially polled animals might be a month or more before their horns start coming in. DO ask - worst case, I feel for buds and decide not to do it. The process per kid will take 15-20 minutes total. This is letting the iron heat up between horns if necessary and between kids. 

You must bring the kid to my farm where I will have an iron already hot. Please do not pet my goats while you are here for biosecurity reasons. Children are welcome to watch! I am very happy to show a child (and parent) how not scary this is and educate. It's easily the worst looking thing we do to the little babies and I am happy to help the humans. The goat kids are usually less traumatized than the humans!

Hoof Trimming


We offer hoof trimming for goats and sheep. We come with all tools necessary to trim hooves and ask only that you have a space to adequately secure the goat. 

We will work on bucks throughout rut! It's a stinky job no one wants, but we are happy to get those boys feeling their best. 

Blood Drawing

Goats only

Please note that light colored and white goats are harder to draw blood from. Wild goats are nearly impossible to draw blood from.

$15.00/each and up + travel fee of $.50/mile over 10 miles

Biosecurity* Testing;

  • $15: Your supplies, you mail. 
  • $30: Our supplies, you mail.
  • $45: Our supplies and we mail.

Pregnancy Testing Only;

  • $15: Your supplies, you mail.
  • $30: Our supplies, you mail.
  • $40: Our supplies and we mail.

Biosecurity* w/Preg Tests;

  • $15: Your supplies, you mail.
  • $30: Our supplies, you mail.
  • $60: Our supplies and we mail. 

*Discounts available for 5 and more goats.

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