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Reference Animals

Bucks & Does related to the herd....

We will link to other websites that show ancestors or siblings to our herd. We do NOT use photos that do not belong to us without express permission. If the listed animal is no longer attached to the link we provide, please let us know so we can correct it. Thank you!
Descendant animals listed in italics were never on our farm. 

GCH Tempo Aquila Xtra Label at Spinning Spider Creamery
-> Sire to Spinning Spider Prodigal Son *B at Four Meadows Farm (no longer in operation)
-->Grand sire to Rosalie, Freya, Guinevere, Bandit and Monroe *B

GCH Kori-Brook WFG Beauty at Tunnel's End Dairy Goat Farm
->Dam to Tunnel's End Apollo Barnabas *B
-->Grand dam to Ta Wee, Apache, Coyote, Raven Wing, and Acorn
--->Great grand dam to Lemonade, Rolling Thunder, and Magnus

Soldier-MTN PVLM Madam Maxime at Soldier Mountain Alpines
->Dam to Soldier-MTN Eastern Revolution
-->Grand dam to 4MFVT Ruby *M
--->Great grand dam to Ta Wee, Freya, Rosalie and Monroe *B

Mamm-Key Buck Hill Billy at Sage Farm Goat Dairy
->Grand sire to White Eagle

Sage Farm Squall bred at Sage Farm Goat Dairy
->Dam to White Eagle 


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Trouble - July 2021
Trouble - July 2021

THE Topolino OK Miss Trouble

Thank you, Kathy!
Grade Alpine
April 6, 2018
Oak Knoll Dairy Windsor, VT  
ADGA Genetics pedigree
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Trouble is a special girl. She comes from unknown commercial production lines and it definitely shows in her milk output. She easily milked a gallon a day on her first freshening with very little grain. She is easy to handle all around. Trouble was raised as a bottle baby so is pretty people oriented, more like a dog than a goat at times! She should bring some super production lines to Kathy's budding registered Alpine herd. We are so proud to have two of our goats fit into her foundation herd!

Ruby 2020
Ruby 2020

4MFVT Ruby *M

Thank you, Aching Back Acres!

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ADGA Genetics
Casein: E/01
Soldier-MTN Eastern Revolution
Pike Farm SDM Tocara 
June 12, 2014
Four Meadows Farm

Ruby is a big, gentle lady who loves her pets! She will often sneak up behind you to rub the top of her head across the back of your legs and back. Ruby enjoys food, attention and lazing about in the sunshine. She is not a doe that tests the fence which we are very grateful for as she could easily knock it down with her size! Special thanks to Ruby for helping teach the puppy about goat space. She has been invaluable in that way! We are SO excited to see what Ruby does for Aching Back Acres!  

4MFVT Echo

Thank you, Stacey!
Soldier-MTN Midnight Rendevous
Pike Farm SDM Tocara 
April 16, 2013
Four Meadows Farm 

Echo is a lovely background happenings doe. She has no need to be in your face but is happy to stand for hours to be scratched. She is often seen lying in the full sun enjoying the warmth.   

Bandit Summer 2020
Bandit Summer 2020

4MFVT Sunny Jewels Bandit

Thank you, Jenn!

Spinning Spider Prodigal Son
4MFVT Julia Hoffman 
April 12, 2019
Four Meadows Farm
ADGA Genetics Pedigree
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Bandit is a cute dude with some great genetics to pass on. He is quiet and gentle and loves his people. 

Monroe 2020
Monroe 2020

4MFVT Sunny Ruby Monroe *B

Thank you, Aching Back Acres!

*B Pending (as of 8/1/21)
Spinning Spider Prodigal Son
4MFVT Ruby (pending AR*)
April 6, 2019
Four Meadows Farm 

Monroe is a beautifully built buck. He has one beautiful buckling on the ground for 2020. Monroe is a gentle guy with humans and the other bucks. This guy could be his a twin to his grandsire, Soldier-MTN Eastern Revolution!    

Morning Dove - 2 days old
Morning Dove - 2 days old

4MFVT Morning Dove

Rest in Peace my little Dove. Please read about Dove's passing on our blog. She contracted rabies, which is very rare for goats. Her post has a lot of information that might help you identify rabies and protect your herd. Morning Dove - Rabies Story Blog

Dove is a well built doeling with a jokester personality. She is always up to something and knows absolutely that she is adorable and going to get away with whatever she's doing. Dove will be hitting some shows in 2021 with Apache and Eagle. She is expected to mature into a lovely doe. 

ADGA: AA2082557
Sire: Tunnel's End Apollo Barnabas
Dam: 4MFVT Jewels Guinevere 
Color: Chamoisee
DOB: March 23, 2020 - June 22, 2020
Breeder: Four Meadows Farm (Tom Barth) 
ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Sage Farm Squall

RIP 8/17/2020
Squall passed from what we assume is an overload of parasites. She was not as hardy as the rest of the herd or she brought them to us and was overloaded before she arrived. The stress of moving while pregnant and giving birth/raising kids while trying to find her place in the herd may have added up to be too much. She was absolutely lovely and did fight alongside us until the very end. Her doeling, White Eagle, carries many hopes for a brighter future within our herd. 
Squall is a super sweet girl even though she can be a bit ditzy. She is attentive to her kids and will let anyone nurse from her if they are persistent enough. Squall and her doeling are an exciting addition of new genetics to our small herd. 

ADGA: AA1981609
Sire: Xtraordindairy WRV M Scorpio
Dam: Sage Farm Jamaica 
Color: Cou Blanc
DOB: March 9, 2018
Breeder: Sage Farm Goat Dairy (Pindell) 
ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Barnabas Winter 2020
Barnabas Winter 2020

Tunnel's End Apollo Barnabas *B

RIP 6/28/21 
Barnabas passed away quickly during one of the worst heat waves we've had in NH. 

Barnabas throws strong kids with a tendency toward doelings whose udders are vastly improved over their dam. Barnabas loves to play and is excited to woo all the ladies. He loves his scratches and gets along well with other bucks. He is a BIG boy and very strong. 

ADGA: AA1740681
Casein: A/E
Sire: PJ-Baileys' FTC Apollo
Dam: Kori-Brook WFG Beauty 
Color: Chamoise
DOB: April 5, 2015
ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Molly - Summer 2020
Molly - Summer 2020


Barn cats are people too.... Just as treasured as the rest of the farm. Molly was not afraid of anything at all. Her favorite past times were to roam the neighborhood looking for pets and snuggles. She enjoyed hanging out at the bottom of the driveway and saying hello to the children that walked by and to our letter carrier. 

Molly passed peacefully in her sleep over the winter. She was not wounded or ill, it was just her time. She was nearly 15 years old. Pretty good for a well loved barn cat. 

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