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Spring Baby Goat Snuggles

$15 per person

Snuggles are on farm only for right now. Please request an appointment through Facebook or email and only arrive for your scheduled time. Minimum $15/person. Goat appropriate pellets, grasses or milk bottles are provided. Feel free to take pictures and tag the farm!

Hoof Trimming

$25 per goat

Hoof trimming is offered at $25 per goat within 50 miles of Altoona PA. Anything outside of 50 miles adds a minimum $20 trip fee.  Stops under 10 goats will need to be done on weekends only. Over 10 goats can be scheduled Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays. 

Herd Shares

Starting at $20 per month

A herd share gives us the ability to share raw milk! You purchase a portion of a goat and this enables you to legally obtain fresh milk. We have quarter, half and gallon shares available. Shares are limited, so don't hesitate! 

Click Here to learn more.

Educational Workshops

$50 per person

Our educational workshop curriculum is not yet completed. We still have some work to do on the farm to make this a great learning space!


$15 per kid

Disbudding is offered for standard breed kids UP TO five days old and mini breeds up to fourteen days old. This is performed on our farm, but away from our own herd to reduce risks to all animals. Please wear clean shoes/boots! CD/T Antitoxin is recommended after disbudding.

Blood Draw


Blood draws start at $50. We will travel to you. Please contact us for an estimate. Please include number of goats, supplies we will need to bring, and your location. We send all samples to UBRL but are open to using a different lab.


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