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Artisan Goat Milk Caramels

2023 Availability - May through December

Each batch is made using that day’s morning milk for the freshest taste possible. Caramel contains dairy, salt, sugars and vanilla. One box of caramels contains 4-5oz of candy.

Boxes can be delivered in Altoona at no cost, or they can be picked up at the farm by appointment only. If you know of a market type event that would like to have us, please invite us! 

Raw Goat Milk for PET Consumption

BYO Jar - No jar, no milk. 
$8/half gallon
Pet consumption only.

Farm Fresh Chevre 

Love goat cheese? Try our farm fresh Chevre! Order through email!

1. Crumbly or creamy? 
2. Flavored or plain? 
3. What flavor? 
4. How many ounces?

Please keep these details in mind when customizing; 

> Farm Fresh Chevre is $3.50/ounce. One pound is 16oz - $56/pound. A typical order is 4oz - $14.
> Crumbly Chevre is dry and great for salads
> Creamy Chevre is spreadable and super tasty on toast
> Chevre is great flavored with fruits OR more savory spices and herbs! 
> Farm Fresh Chevre has a two to three day lead time. We make your batch of Chevre just ten to fifteen minutes after milking! It's THAT fresh! 

>>> Chevre is NOT pasteurized and you assume any risks involved with consuming raw dairy products. We milk our goats and make cheeses as sanitarily as possible in a home kitchen environment. We consume what we make but still cannot guarantee your safety. We do our best and would never sell something we were uncomfortable consuming ourselves. 

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