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Raw Goat Milk for PET Consumption

Raw goat milk - YOU are responsible for pasteurizing at home and for doing your own research on the health benefits and risks of raw goat milk. Topolino Farm sells raw goat milk for pet consumption - If you drink it YOU are responsible for the risks involved. You will be reminded of this when you purchase.

$20/gallon (this IS a bulk discount)
$12/half gallon

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Educational Farm Tours


We are happy to provide on farm tours as weather allows. The farm is rather small so the tour isn't very long, but it's a great excuse to get out into the sunshine and learn about goats and all the products you can get from them! If you'd like to learn how to milk a goat or everything involved in goat husbandry (maintenance) we can arrange a private class for you!

Tours and classes are scheduled through our CONTACT page, so please send us an email!

Please note that tours and classes are not free unless you are purchasing a goat or kid. Classes and Tours start at $20/person per hour with children 10yo and younger free. Thanks!

Custom Soap Recipe

If you have some specific ingredients you'd like to see in a soap bar just for you, we offer customized bars. The only catch is that you must prepay for the entire batch. Batch sizes are approximately 2lbs to 10lbs. A two pound loaf typically comes out to about 10 bars. Minimum fee* of $50. A custom batch has a 6 week lead time so please plan ahead for holidays. (Less if I can get the ingredients quickly.)

*Discount available if you are providing ingredients.

Please note that all recipes must be tested before they're made to ensure safety. If the ingredients you'd like to use don't work, we'll talk about it and see what we can come up with together. Remember that we're working with sodium hydroxide, also known as lye. Lye is very caustic (think drain cleaner!) and unless the recipe is correct the soap can be caustic as well.

Farm Fresh Chevre 

Love goat cheese? Try our farm fresh Chevre! Order through email!

1. Crumbly or creamy? 
2. Flavored or plain? 
3. What flavor? 
4. How many ounces?

Please keep these details in mind when customizing; 

> Farm Fresh Chevre is $3.50/ounce. One pound is 16oz - $56/pound. A typical order is 4oz - $14.
> Crumbly Chevre is dry and great for salads
> Creamy Chevre is spreadable and super tasty on toast
> Chevre is great flavored with fruits OR more savory spices and herbs! 
> Farm Fresh Chevre has a two to three days lead time. We make your batch of Chevre just ten to fifteen minutes after milking! It's THAT fresh! 

>>> Chevre is NOT pasteurized and you assume any risks involved with consuming raw dairy products. We milk our goats and make cheeses as sanitarily as possible in a home kitchen environment. We consume what we make but still cannot guarantee your safety. We do our best and would never sell something we were uncomfortable consuming ourselves. 

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