Topolino Farm

Topolino Farm


Sniffspot - Topolino Farm Triangle

Our Spot is Your Spot!

Since moving to Altoona we've been trying to come up with ways to give back while also getting the farm name out there just a little bit. We thought, why not share this piece of land with other dog lovers? Sniffspot gives us a great opportunity to do that while keeping everyone safe from viruses and giving you a private spot to train.

Right now the Spot is just a triangle of cleared land that will eventually be fenced in so the dairy goats and meat lambs can maintain the land for the farm. You're welcome to bring toys, just remember to take them home and please pick up after your pet! Once it's properly fenced for goats, it will also be perfectly fenced for all your pups! We're going to rotate the grazing so the goats and a couple sheep will be in the Triangle for a week or two and then they'll be moved back to another field. When it is fenced in, we'll also add some fun doggie stuff and some people amenities! If the spot becomes popular enough, we might just add a port-a-potty. 

What you need to bring....

  1. Doggy bags. Please clean up after your pet!
  2. Water and water bowls
  3. Snacks for you and your pup
  4. A trash bag - we aren't yet providing these

What is Sniffspot?

"Sniffspot provides the best experiences and fun for you and your dog. Our dog parks are designed for the ultimate safe dog exercise. We provide distraction free dog time - our safe, private spaces help you minimize distractions or triggers and maximize time with your dog. We provide off leash enrichment - exploration and activities you can't get anywhere else; wear your dog out for days. We provide safe playdates. Socialize your pup in a controlled, private spot - it's great exercise, it's safe and it's fun for you and your dog."  

Topolino Farm