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Meet the Bucks

Bug - May 2022
Bug - May 2022

Munchin'Hill Bugatti Divo

French Alpine
Sire: Iron-Rod Sideburns
Dam: Munchin'Hill Brooklyn
March 2, 2022

Bug is a stunning little man from Munchin' Hill. We are super excited about his future kids and the improvements he should make on our does. Too many to list! Right now, Bug is not afraid to let us know when he's hungry or would like attention. He has weaned himself by suddenly refusing bottles at exactly 8 weeks old but eats hay and grain like an adult. Hopefully we will get to a buck show this year with him, but we are still awaiting his papers from ADGA. 

Severide - Summer 2019
Severide - Summer 2019


75% Saanen x 25% Other
Sire: Saanen
Dam: Mini Saanen (Vera)
March 19, 2018

Severide is one of the first kids born on our farm. He is out of our first milking doe, Vera. Though he doesn't have a recorded pedigree everyone else, Severide still throws super nice and very strong kids. He has an awesome temperament and loves his people.

Animals For Sale


Animals available for sale will have their bio moved to this page.
As always, a running list of available animals
can be found on our Breeding and Sales Schedule

Rebates Offered on American & French Alpines:
🐐Advanced Registry milk star earned through DHIR: $50
🐐Milk star earned through 1-Day Test: $15
🐐DNA w/casein: $20
🐐First place in ONE class: $10
🐐GCH/RCH at ONE show: $15
🐐Linear Appraisal Score: $15  

*It is the goat owner's responsibility to submit proof for rebates!*

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