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Meet the Bucks

Severide - Summer 2019
Severide - Summer 2019


Severide is one of the first kids born on our farm. He is out of our first milking doe, Vera. Though he doesn't have a great recorded pedigree like all the other bucks, Severide still throws super nice and very strong kids. He has an awesome temperament and loves his people.

Breed: 75% Saanan x 25% Nigerian Dwarf
Sire: Saanan
Dam: Mini Saanan
Color: White
DOB: March 19, 2018

Severide is NOT registered. Any kids he produces are likely to be mostly white (Saanen) and can be registered as Experimental or Grade provided the dam is registered. Nigerian Dwarf dams will not produce registerable kids and will not be serviced. 

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