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Goat Data Junky

Customized Sheets Available - Contact us for a quote

If you're a data junky like me, this is the page for you. All of our data will be compiled here in the name of complete and "udder" transparency. Linear Appraisal scores, DHIR Progress, feed charts, etc. It will all end up here as fast as I can compile it. 

A few of these forms are available for anyone to use/save like the *M requirements by age. That table is ripped directly from ADGA's site and just made easier to read and access. Others like LA Scores and DHIR Tracking can be customized to fit your herd for a price - these take some time to create as blanks and to customize with your goat's names and data. Send an email or FB message if you're interested in a quote. 

Our hourly rate is $20.00 USD (1 hour minimum charge for all projects)
PayPal: +3.19% processing fee
Mailed checks accepted - Project delivered after check successfully deposited/cashed.

Free to use sheets and documents will be marked with a "🐐"

If you're feeling generous after snagging a free sheet that still takes a ton of time to create follow this link to donate via PayPal. This works even if you don't have an account with PayPal. 

Linear Appraisal

We've made a handy sheet inspired by Nathan Funk of Ringside: An American Dairy Goat Podcast to log our herd's LA scores. This sheet will automatically compare our scores to previous breed leaders/champions and the national averages. It also calculates the herd's average score which gives us overall data that will help to choose a buck that matches the whole herd. 

You're welcome to take a look here: Clicky (opens new window)

We would be happy to create a sheet for you. Please contact us for a quote.

Milk Test Progress

We track our herd's progress towards their milk stars. We want to know when they've made it or how far they have left to go. Each year we make a new tab and a new set of tables so we can keep the old ones. It's nice to see progress! 

View our herd here: Clicky (new window)

Free to use/print is a weekly record just for your use. On this sheet is also our test day data so that we can quickly replace lost paperwork. Just ignore that, or use it to compare to your does!

🐐  Click here for the Weekly Record.

🐐 ADGA Milk Star Requirement Table

This is a Google Sheet that opens in a new window. It will show you the requirements for achieving Advanced Registry (AR) and Standard Milk stars. You are able to make comments, so please feel free to "sign" it like a guestbook!

The table is taken directly from

Breeding and Sales Program

Our breeding and sales sheet. This is the same sheet listed elsewhere, we're just adding it here for consistency. This sheet can also be customized for your use. It's a very simple sheet with no formulas. 

View in a new window here: Clicky

🐐 ADGA Districts

What district am I in? Good question. Again, ADGA has sort of buried this info in their About Us section under Governance and I'm not even sure you can get there without googling it outside of the actual ADGA site. So I ripped it from the site and put it into a sheet. Let me know if I miss a district shuffle and I'll update it asap. The last update is listed on the first page. 
View in a new window here: Click Here
Who's my Director? Click Here
It is sorted by District number on page one, and sorted alphabetically by state on page two. So no matter how you operate, you should be able to easily find your state and district. Save it and send it to a friend. I did not add the directors to this list simply because they change. I don't want to accidentally spread the wrong info so I've just linked you to ADGA's list of directors. With your district number it will be much easier to find your director! Hint: CTRL+F on any web page will let you search the page for a word or phrase! 

Kintraks Setup

If you're still writing in a notebook or making notes on your phone you need a better system. You need to upgrade to the twenty first century and get that information somewhere that you can use it. 
Kintraks is an excellent program designed for a PC or Mac - not your phone. Blurb from; "Kintraks is an animal record system which is useful for any breeder or animal enthusiast. Simply enter the species and breed to customize it to any animal of your choice. Use a variety of storage options and functions to enhance and simplify your animal breeding and record keeping."

Kintraks is what I use to keep everything organized. Here's some of the great highlights: Free up to 200 animals then it's about $25usd ONE TIME. That's right. It's a one time purchase and you've got it for life. Everything is printable, PDF-able and exportable. Selling a goat? Print out their detailed health records - no more copying it from one notebook to a sheet of paper written in messy, rushed handwriting. Vet emergency? Print it out and hand it to the vet for quick information sharing. No more guessing games or fiddling around trying to find it in the notebook.

I've actually received multiple discounts from veterinarians because I am so organized and it is all thanks to Kintraks. I love this program so much I'm promoting it for nothing. That's right - I get nothing for telling you to use it. That's how great it is. 

Now comes the hard part. It takes a bit of time - and by a bit I mean a lot of time to set up! You have to enter each animal individually and literally build your database. One of the features is calculating inbreeding percentage. That doesn't work unless your animal and all their ancestors are in there. This can really take a while especially if you're not familiar with the program yet. If I remember correctly, it took me the better part of a full work day to get my herd of about 20 goats into it. 

However! I can do it for you. Kintraks lets you easily transfer databases between Kintraks users. So if you have over 200 animals (your herd and their ancestors add up quick!) you just need to have purchased Kintraks to accept your new database. It's easy as pie. Download and purchase Kintraks, send me all your animals names (and ancestors if they're not ADGA registered). When I'm done I'll email it to you. You'll download it and voila! It will appear in your Kintraks program, ready to use. 

Please contact us for a quote. Each goat needing a 5 generation pedigree entered will add up to 31 records. This will help you decide if you need to purchase the program beforehand or if you can get away without buying it right away. 

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